Health & Wellness

The guiding principle of the Greenwich Academy Health & Wellness department is the belief that good health results from the integration of physical, psychological, social, and emotional wellbeing. The department promotes self-respect and respect for others and aims to provide students with the information and skills necessary to support healthy decision-making, relationships, and living. The health & wellness team works closely with parents, teachers, advisors, coaches, and outside professionals to support the unique needs of each girl.

Working together to achieve these objectives, our faculty and staff include nurses, counselors, and learning specialists.


Our nurses serve as a resource for students, providing comfort and support as needed. They are responsible for the treatment of student illness or injury during the school day and for monitoring the overall health of the student body. Ongoing health concerns, allergies, and medical questions are managed by the nurses.

Lower/Middle School Nurse
Mary Snediker, RN

Middle/Upper School Nurse
Jane Cupkovic, RN

Learning Specialists

Our learning specialists work collaboratively with teachers, parents, and outside providers to develop and implement the most appropriate supports and interventions for students who are struggling academically. In addition, they work individually and in small groups with students and oversee all standardized testing. The learning specialists develop educational plans and accommodations for students with documented learning weaknesses and refer students for outside evaluations and treatment when necessary.


Lower School Learning Specialist
Amy Dolan, MA

Middle School Learning Specialist
Lauren Winston, Ph.D.

Upper School Learning Specialist
Lisa Striar, Psy.D.


The role of the school counselor is to foster the educational, emotional, and social development of the students. The counselors collaborate closely with teachers, advisors, administrators, and parents to help support the emotional wellbeing of each girl. They meet with students, both on an individual and group basis, to discuss relevant issues or concerns. When appropriate, counselors can make referrals to outside mental health professionals.

Lower School Counselor
Tara Fetzer, LICSW

Middle School Counselor
Beth Hartley, LICSW

Upper School Counselor
Charlanne Zepf Bauerlein, LCSW